Trackr, a solution for tracking our lost items

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March 3, 2017

Trackr, a solution for tracking our lost items


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If you are worried about losing your important thing regularly, then no longer it a problem anymore. Because trackr, a new product has been launched which keeps all of your important things, like wallet, mobile, pets, and keys etc safe.

The advanced technology has changed our lives and is still making remarkable changes every second. This breakthrough in technology has governed the establishment of a track. Here we discuss the details like what is track, how it works, what technology is used in it, what kind of things can be monitored through this, What services are available in it, and which OS supports this device.



What is Trackr?

A device used to keep an eye on your important things. It is attached to the thing to be monitored and is then controlled by an application on your smartphone. Wherever it goes your phone will tell you its location. Not only this, if you accidentally leave the thing which is secured by trackr, you would be notified, so that you can go back at that and collect it.

How does Trackr work?

The only thing you have to do is just put the track on your pet’s neck band, put inside your wallet, hand back or attach with the key chain and chill. If you find your stuff lost, don’t panic. Just take out your smartphone and locate your item. Whenever any other track user come in the range of your lost item it would automatic send its location to you using crowd GPS with the help of another track customer. That’s how you get its location.

Technology used

These trackr devices use the low-energy Bluetooth technology. And the first ever brand which uses this technology. Secondly, it works with the crowd GPS.

Features and services

  • Distance indicator: when your key chain or any other item attached to trackr losts. Get its location through crowd GPS and move to it. Its distance indicator will tell you if you are getting closer to it.
  • Item ringer: if you are in close to your missing item and still cannot see that. Tap the item ringer in your application and the item will ring. This would make you able to find that easily.
  • Phone ringer: if you are unable to find your phone with the tracker application but you have your tracker device. Press the button on the device which will make your smartphone ring. It will make your phone ring if even it is in silent mode.
  • Family sharing: the installed device in a car which could use by the whole family. Then this device in the car’s key chain controlled by more than one smartphones in the family.
  • Wallet-thin design: the trackr wallet just designed to place inside a wallet. It has thin but anodized aluminum construction makes it suitable for a wallet.
  • Although its design, diameter, and thickness varies among different models but has some features in common. It contains the replaceable battery which will work for one year. And has connectivity of BLE 4.0

Trackr’s models

It consists of a vast variety of model based on the type of their usage. These trackrs include trackr bravo, sticker, wallet, and pixel.Now the question arises that, the trackr application will work on all smartphones or not? The answer is that it will work in I OS 8 and Android 4.4 and afterward.


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