Shit Express: Best prank website of 2017

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Give the devil his due. And you cannot find a perfect companion than shit express prank website to give the due. People who follow this canon are always successful. Because, if you will not answer to their nonsense things. They will carry out those again and again.


shit express

No matter, if you are being fooled by the bad boys in your class. Or either you are made the victim of regular torture by your boss in office, also you want to surprise your friend on their birthday. Then shit express is the right website for you to make them pay for their jobs which they do regularly for you.


What is the Shit express prank? was established in 2014 and since then, it is one of the best prank websites. This website provides its customer with a package full of fun for them and full of smell for the Bad boys who tease its customer. In simple words, the sends a parcel to the desired address which you provide them. When the desired person opens the gift box the room will be full of smell.

Here questions arise like, how does it perform all these? And what we will need to do?  So here is the answer to your question.

Steps to prank with shit express

You want to take revenge from the BAD BOY who always insults you in front of your girlfriend and you cannot do anything because he is too FAT and BIG, and you are afraid of even talking to him. Follow these steps:

  1. Take your laptop out of the bag and open this link . The following page will open.
    shit express


  1. Click on the option order now, or buy a gift card as shown below

shitexpress prank      3. When you click on buy a gift card, you would be able to send a gift f card asking him to send the annoying person a piece of shit via

4. After clicking the order now option you will see a form, which you need to fill with the details. These details include the recipient’s name, house number, city and country. And at last you will have the option of a message which you want to give to the recipient.

The following would be its preview




  1. Select any animal you want. It would be the animal whose excrement would be sent to the person you select. It could be of cow, elephant, camel, or even horse. But mostly you will have the option of horse hoop to send.

6. The last service which the SHIT EXPRESS provides is the option of stickers you want to paste on the packing.    Those are the sticker of horse, ice cream, heart, birthday cake, smiley and Santa clause.

If your recipient is supposed to receive the gift on his/her birthday, then you can paste the birthday cake sticker over the package. If you are going to sent to your girlfriend paste the heart shape sticker.

7.The last step to make it go is specifying the method of payment…

When you will be done with the payment, your mind blowing gift would be on its way to BAD BOY.

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