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Android Jelly Bean 4.3:Upcoming Android Update

nexus-4-android-4.31Android users are waiting  for an update to their  Jelly Bean 4.2.2 which will be out in late July. Though rumors were around about , Which Developers have named Android Key Lime Pie, but it won’t be available until after the release of Jelly bean 4.3 upgrades . Though, google hasn’t officially told the media about it, but through some internal officials we can be assured that it will be out later this month. There hasn’t been so much change in version 4.3 with respect to older versions. People were expecting an announcement  about android update, but there hasn’t been any. As we won’t see a whole new of the android in version 4.3 but we will see some tweaky changes here and there in the user interface.

When it comes to features , Version 4.3 have Bluetooth low energy future by which small range connectivity will be available even if your battery is low. It’s pretty useful in case of , if you want to transfer some data on the phone next to you and battery on your cell is running low, this will make it possible. Also, Bluetooth tethering Feature has been added to the 4.3 version , though nexus 4 phones had it even on 4.2.2. A new  feature is added to Jelly Bean 4.3′s WiFi as it will be used by google’s location service , even after switching WiFi off, and some reviewers are arguing about this like Google is going so far with access to user’s personal data.0

In developers favor, google has given a lot of features in its evolution to Android like  OpenGL ES 3.0 will make rendering to a whole new level and will allow for a lot of new and more realistic effects, By this, developers can make much more creative applications. There has been also talking about a new feature ” USE EXPERIMENTAL  WEBVIEW” which changes the browser used within an app. And also there is “Revoke USB Debugging Authentication”which deletes the RSA key generated for USB debugging authorization, which early on, could have done only from Computer.


Some other feature updates include camera’s circular menu which have been taken down the screen of the camera and got turned into a beautiful arc of camera’s option and setting. Making this new version a battery friendly and soft on user will make it popular in androids .And also as 4.3 have all the fast and reliable parts of version 4.2.2 , which will make it more familiar with that part and a great update to the world’s leading OS.

We will try to bind up all the specifications of Jelly Bean 4.3, so, keep us following.

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